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S & P Land Services, Inc

No Burning, No Piling, No Hauling... Just Mulch!
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How Much Will It Cost?
This is an important question, but depends on many factors such as the type of clearing work, the type of terrain, and the amount and size of the trees to be removed.  We generally try to give a flat rate so you know what to expect, rather than an hourly rate.  We can answer your questions and give you an idea over the phone, but a free, on site inspection is always best.
What About the Stumps?

What to do with the stumps is an important decision.  We typically recommend leaving them in the ground to decompose naturally.  This eliminates lots of work grading and filling the holes.  We can remove the stumps if requested.  After removal we can mulch them, pile them on-site, or haul them away.  While the last two are what we pride ourselves on avoiding, sometimes it is a viable option.
What Type of Land Clearing Can We Do?
The possibilities are nearly unlimited.  From removing a small area of brush in the back yard of a housing development, to clearing several hundred acres, or even harvesting quality trees to be sold in the timber market, we are your solution. 
What Areas Do We Cover?
We try to stay within 150 miles of Monroe, NC but often find ourselves outside of this distance.  There are not very many companies doing this type of work, and even fewer with our family owned style.  We treat everyone's property like it's our own, and will do anything within our ability to make our customers happy.  Sometimes this means driving 250 miles to do a job that one of the "Big" competitors turned down or priced way out of range.  If we can justify our travel expenses by the size of the job, anything is possible.
Light Duty Clearing?  Over Grown Pond?
We can help! We also offer Bush Hog services.  Our front mounted Brush Cat is ideal for over grown pond and creek banks.  Being front mounted allows us to extend it down the pond or creek bank where it would be too dangerous to operate most traditional equipment.  It also provides a less expensive alternative for light duty clearing jobs.  The Brush Cat is less expensive for us to maintain and operate, so we pass that savings on to you! 
Do We Clear Land For The Timber?
Yes.  Due to frequent requests we have expanded our scope of work to include logging operations.   We received lots of calls from owners of small tracts of timber looking for someone to harvest the timber.  We tried for years to find a reliable small scale logger to help these customers with no success.  We can now harvest the timber and take it to a mill even on the small projects that other logging companies have declined.  Just contact us for a free consultation.

Do We Do Grading?

While we will do our best to smooth ruts and do small scale work that can be accomplished with a Bobcat, we are not properly equipped for typical grading.  We have worked closely with R & A of Anson on several projects and recommend them for any work that involves dirt.  They will help you move a mountain or mole hill with a smile.  Visit their site at for more information.