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No Burning, No Piling, No Hauling... Just Mulch!
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At S & P Land Services, we offer all types of land clearing, brush removal, logging, and land management services.  Our new equipment has less of an impact on the environment than traditional heavy equipment land clearing.  Brush, undergrowth,  and trees of
any size are mulched by our machines.  No 8" diameter limit here!  This method leaves a layer of mulch on the ground that helps prevent erosion and retains ground moisture.  This type of land clearing does not disturb the natural lay of the land, and the clearing can be much more selective.  You can choose which trees you want to remove and which ones you want to keep!  Click Here to watch a short video from Gyro Trac describing some of the benefits of the methods we use to clear land,

The number one complaint for logging operations is the huge mess left behind.  We solve this problem with our mulchers.  When we finish, your property will have a layer of nutrient rich mulch left behind.   No piles of brush, no waste wood laying all over the place, and stumps can be ground flush or removed completely.  You will be able to drive on the cleared property immediately.

Be sure to visit our you tube channel by clicking HEREWe have several videos and will be adding more on a regular basis.  You can watch us work at normal speed or super speed in our time lapse videos!

Long Arm Mowing

We also offer long arm mowing services.  Not the tractors you see on roadsides.  We mounted a 6ft high flow hydraulic brush cutter on our CAT excavator.  This machine will cut 32 feet from the edge of the tracks.  The picture below shows us mowing the steep banks of a large detention pond.

No Unsightly Piles to Burn or Haul Off

The land clearing method we use mulches the removed material as we go.  This means there are no brush piles left for you to deal with after we are finished.  Trees and brush are mulched to ground level when conditions allow.  You can drive on the property as soon as we are finished.



Our Work

We specialize in all types of land clearing and brush removal. We do small jobs of less than one acre, to several hundred acre timberland tracts.  We typically work within 150 miles of Monroe, NC but will travel outside of this area for large jobs or a fair travel allowance.  We split our time between contract jobs with government/state/local agencies and private land owners and home owners.  We will be glad to help you clear a 30 ft X 100 ft area or 300 acres.

Here we are on a road widening/paving project.  The Gyro Trac GT 25 is leading the way with the Bobcat T320 cleaning up the stray limbs that are left behind in the ditch.

Below are just a few more examples of our typical jobs, but anything is possible.

*Land / Lot Clearing
*Site Prep for Tree Planting
*Hazard Fuel Reduction in Forests
*Pasture Reclamation
*Crop Field Reclamation
*Right of Way Clearing / Maintenance
*Undergrowth / Brush Removal

*Timberland Maintenance

*Clearing for Survey Lines

*Clearing for New Fence Lines

*Trail Construction

*Clear Cut and Logging Cleanup

*Storm Cleanup

*Utility Line Maintenance

*Diseased Tree Removal

*Brush/Slash Pile Removal

*Bush Hog Work

*General Bobcat Work

*General Track Hoe Work

*Residential Demolition

The CAT 315 clearing a pond bank.  Notice we had to reach over a fence to mulch the trees.

Call or email us today to arrange a free, on site consultation.   Text messages to our cell phones are OK as well.

S&P Land Services

818 Webb Ingram Rd

Polkton, NC 28135